Hello people of the World! What’s up?

This week we’re sharing some real nifty DIY travel accessories/tips/hacks with you! Starting with this amazing travel album, or Travel Quote Book/Travel Bucket List – as I like to call it.

The picture below explains how to make a lovely travel journal, or portfolio for photographs.. The concept of which is so done and done.. I’m getting rather tired of it. Follow the convention, but with your own twist I say! Which is why when I came across this picture on Pinterest, I just knew I had to share the idea I just had.


What you can do, is follow the instructions, with your own little customizations along the way, but instead of writing your favorite memories, printing and pasting pictures, or writing aspirations and experiences. Let this book become your Bucket List.

Here’s how :
> Make the book (or buy one if you’re lazy)
> Make a compilation of your favorite/most inspiring travel or life quotes,
> Write (or print, if you’re lazy) each quote on every alternate page of the book.
> Doodle all around it in the page margins or generally anywhere (the most random things that you can think of, even random words will do!)
> Find a picture/ a memory of your travels, that best matches the essence of that quote.
>Paste the picture and/or Write the memory on the blank page beside it. (if the memory is too long, or there are too many pictures, feel free to write/paste them on the page of the quote as well.

*If you don’t have a picture or a memory to correspond with a quote, write the quote nonetheless, and leave the page beside it blank, until such a time where you make a memory so strong, that the quote is the only thing that explains it.

There you have it. Your own Travel Quote Book/Travel Quote Bucket List.

Watch this space for how to make inexpensive but cool looking jewelry, or nifty bag locks with those harmless looking scoobie-strings. (yeah yeah, those vibrant coloured plastic thread like strings.)

Is there anything specific you want us to cover? Drop in a comment, and we’ll try to make it happen!

I’m gonna push off now and go make my Travel Quote Bucket List, what are you gonna do?

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