Guest Room Decoration Ideas on a Budget

If you have some extra space in your house or apartment and are looking to make some extra money by renting it out, you should remember a few things to create a great guest room.

The first thing you should consider is if you want the guest room to be single or double. Of course, this depends a great deal in the amount of space you have, but in order to make it double you must be able to fit comfortably two single mattresses in the room.

The second thing to consider is that basics should your primary concern. The first thing will be to clear out any unattractive or irrelevant items in the room and just leave the bare essentials. Of course, the room cannot look cluttered with junk, the guests do not want to feel that at home in your space. If you want to add some extra stuff make sure it’s not on the way and that there’s enough room for a person to move freely.

If you need to replace or introduce some furniture, instead of rushing to buy it brand new, first check on a classifieds site in India like this one to save some money. Remember that part of the idea should be earning some money, so don’t go spending all of your savings before you get some guests. For example, if you do decide to make it a double room but you just have space for a single bed, consider getting a second hand bulk bed, which also gives it a younger look. Make sure you add clean-looking duvets to the beds to give the room a cleaner look.

There are a few tips on cheap little tricks to make your guest room look amazing:

–        A rug always makes a room look warmer, and a great idea is to make the colors match the duvets and room curtains.

–        If you have a single or double bed, you can make it look fancier by adding a headboard, which you can even build yourself from an old door.

–        Instead of painting, wall decals are a good option to make the walls look fresher and even add some color to the room. Keep in mind that if the wall-paint or wallpaper are in terrible conditions you must first solve this problem. There are many easy ways to re-paint your walls!

–        Replacing the handles and knobs on furniture can make pieces look a lot nicer than they actually are, for a low cost.

–        Giving the dresser a new coat of paint or design is a good idea as well.

Renting out a room through is a great way to make some extra money, and a newly designed room is like icing on the cake! These decoration ideas will help you save on time and money, but don’t forget to add your personal charm and hospitality in every single occasion.

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Aisha Singh, Guest Blogger

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