OMG! You are the one

Hey people! All good?

In the series of happy moments during our journeys, I am back with another one. Have you ever came across a person who used to be your best friend years ago, during a train ride? If you have, then you will get to know what exactly happened with me.

During my day journey to Chandigarh I suddenly came across my best friend from grade 5. We used to be together all the time but then I changed my school and since then we were not in contact. (There was no FB that time!)


With earphones plugged in I was reading my novel, I felt that some one sat next to me but I kind of ignored that person. Then suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder, when I turned I saw a girl shouting ‘OMG I can’t believe I found you! You are the one!’ For a second, I went blank and thought that she was a moron. But when I looked back, I realized that she was the one I was dying to meet since years.

We shouted and hugged each other so tight that everyone started staring, so we gave a break to our emotions and settled down. We were happy that we both met after so many years, after the complaint session : Why Didn’t We Contact Each Other, we started usual girly conversation. During that 5 hours journey there was not a single moment of silence.

It’s always good to see some one you love isn’t it? She made my journey special and worth remembering!

I’m gonna push off now, but only until the next time I post!

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