One Track Mind

Hello, fellow travelers! Where have your recent excursions taken you?

Have you kept up with the previous posts in the “what not to do while traveling” series? If you haven’t, well then, scroll over! after reading this post 😉

This happened while I was walking back home from a lovely walk with a friend at Marine Drive. Some useless trivia about me: I have this habit of listening to music on my mp3 player as I walk, which was precisely what I did that day.

Everything seemed pretty normal, except that it wasn’t. There was someone calling out to me and I couldn’t hear him. So it was a little embarrassing. When he did catch up, which was at a crossing, and simply because I unplugged the music to avoid getting killed, he was kind of laughing, but majorly out of breath.

Here’s what had happened, when we met, we were exchanging music and I accidentally left my phone behind, so that the songs would finish transferring from my phone to his, so the question of him ringing my cell was ruled out, because the only thing he’d stand to gain from it would be to see what I stored his name on my phone as. 😛 So the poor thing ran for about 5 minutes before he finally caught up with me. In his defense he realized a little later that I’d left my phone behind, and I do walk faster if my favourite song is playing.

So really, be attentive towards your belongings, and keep the music volume low. I would’ve easily lost my phone, had it not been for my friend.. and every one’s not that lucky, to have friends, or well meaning strangers who will return your “lost” property to you, there’s a greater likelihood of them ending up as collectibles, sitting on someone else’s shelf.


Until my next post,
Travel smart, Travel safe.


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