Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Hello People of the World! What’s up?

God, it’s the perfect day to stay in, or out, and as tempted as I am, to stay in, cuddle in a blanket, and down endless cups of coffee or hot chocolate as I read Decipher – Stel Pavlou, I’m gonna step out and take my book and music with me! 😛

This is going to be my last post in the “My Favorite Travel Moments” series.. So I saved the best for last. This is my all time favorite moment while I travel, and it happens to me every time I travel.

It’s that moment when the music stops mattering, the surrounding stops mattering, all you see is a hazy blur, just passing by, you’re traveling to an alien destination, physically and mentally.

It’s like the universe is playing peek a boo with you, it just pries your hands apart, and shows its real self, even if it is just for a few seconds. Revealing so many small small secrets, which stay with you for less than a minute, but leave you with a sense of newness, and familiarity. As though you’ve come to see an old lover in a completely different light. Every journey brings in a different piece of knowledge, but the feeling is the same. You know, the first moment of disorientation after waking up from a dream, where you’re not entirely sure you’ve woken up.. it feels a lot like that. I absolutely love the feeling! it’s like re reading your favorite book, or listening to your favorite song, and finding new meaning in it.

Sometimes though, you may not like what you stumble upon, but life has never been a bed of roses; I think it’s essential for each one of us to disconnect from this world we think we live in, and connect with the world for what it really is. It’s the only way we’ll ever grow, not age, but grow. We can be caught up with the mesmerizing beauty of a place, and not listen to what it says to us. We can take pictures of where we go, and yet not see what the universe is trying to show us. It is really in these moments that we realize that the possibilities really are endless, our hopes and aspirations for the future can actually come true, if we choose to make it happen. We realize that we’re sleeping with our eyes wide open, and dreaming with our eyes wide shut. peekaboo


While you mull over that, I’m gonna go get my book, and music, and take off.
OkayBye! 😀

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