Say No No to Whites

Heya people! With this new week I am back to tell you some more interesting travel stories, the only difference will be that this time I will be making you roll on the floor. You got it right, this week I will be sharing with you some incidents that taught me ‘Not to do things’, while traveling.

I was someone who loves to see white colour in her wardrobe (you will get to know why I used “was”), be it tee-shirts or skirts or be it any accessory, if it not white then I am not satisfied. So now when you are familiar with my love for white, let’s hop on to the story. During the last summers, I decided to take a trip to the God’s own country Kerala. Flight bookings were full so I hopped aboard a train. It was a two day journey and while book the tickets I didn’t realize how pathetic my journey is going to be.

The time lag was not much of a problem but my pure “sparkling” white one-piece was. In hush-hush to catch the train I didn’t think much and wore my favorite white dress with my pretty-pretty tie knot bellies.
P.S I wanted to look like Kajol from DDLJ and kind of expected my Raj (SRK) to meet me during that journey (can anything be more stupid than this?).


I settled on my berth and started to read my favorite book P.S I Love You (oh! What a novel it is) and then came the horror movement when I noticed a grease mark on my dress. I was sure that I won’t be able to wear it again now but frankly this was just the beginning. The dust from the seat and windows was clearly visible on me and it kind of turned my sparkling white dress into a brown coloured dress (someone seriously needs to clean Indian Railways)
So now you know what I went through, but the stains didn’t end there. When I reached my palace like hotel in Goa I had ketchup marks on me along with grease, mustard sauce, dust and curd stains. That was the time I pledged that I won’t wear whites any more specially while traveling, that is a different thing that most of the time I spill food on me but that was the time when I said No No to Whites!

Hope you enjoyed this anecdote. Now is the time for me to push off, so toodles till my next post and don’t forget to leave your comment below.

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