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Hello people of the world!

Isn’t it supremely annoying when you’re bag is identical to one of your co-passenger’s bags and they walked off with your bag, while you waited patiently at the luggage carousel? The chaos that follows is a waste of time, to say the very least. So how does one get around it? Well, custom bag tags, and no not the ones with your name on it. It’s a small world, and names tend to be rather common. So think outside the box.

It’s really simple – Travel Wars luggage tags
– You want to get a slightly thick sheet of paper/ or a sturdy fabric to start with, and figure out the shape and dimensions of your bag tag.
– Draw the shape out, and make draw a hole for the string to pass through.
– Cut the shape out, and make the hole with a punch machine.
– Depending on the thickness of the paper/fabric, you can paint/draw and even stitch on it.
– After you’re done with the designing bit, you can pass the string through and the bag tag is ready!

*If you’re using one of those printable templates/ or your paper wont survive the journey, laminate it. 😀
You’ll have to be more careful with fabrics, unless it’s leather, in which case pinterest will guide you through it – here > http://www.pinterest.com/pin/160581542936528314/ and give you ideas here > http://www.pinterest.com/pin/68468856805653061/

Here’s to never accidentally losing your bag again!

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