Travel Bloopers!

Hello fellow travelers, what’s up?

The whole of last week we shared 30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, and we hope the traveler inside you was in agreement with most of what we shared 🙂 This week we’ve decided to go in a different direction, we’re sharing with you what not to do while traveling! (from experience :P)

There are some things you learn from trial and error, and this is one of them. Don’t assume that you’ll be granted cultural concessions because you’re a “tourist”. 


Seriously, it happened that time when we traveled to Goa for a wedding remember? Which started with and went on to become but well, here’s what happened while I was en route to cloud 9.

So this was earlier that day along Colva beach, before the weather rained on our parade, literally. We’d (you’ll know from Cloud Number 9) just reached there when we first heard the commotion and then saw it. An argument had broken out between a foreign woman and a lech’s wife. I’m not a 100% sure if Colva is one of the nudist beaches or not..but that’s pretty much the gist of it all. The foreigner was working her tan (sans anything that might cause uneven tan lines) when she realized she was being stared at inappropriately, (from what we gathered as we got there) and asked the dude to stop staring, at which the wife interjected with “your clothes, or the lack of them is what distracted him. Men have eyes, they will see.” As backward and heavily chauvinistic as it sounds, that’s what she said. She should’ve slapped the dude right there, if you ask me. But oh well. The lech and his wife were asked to leave, they called it an “outrage” and the foreigner was asked to cover up, she called the whole country “backward” and stormed off. In this situation there’s no saying who’s right or wrong.

In places outside of India it’s cool to even change on beaches, and by convention you’re expected to not stare, or even peek a look. But there are always the odd ball cases like these ones, so you know, just sneak a peak at the culture around you before doing or not doing anything 🙂

Just as we found a good spot and sat to really enjoy the beach, it rained, lightly at first and then all at once.

So there are really two things to take away from this – don’t go to a beach on a day when the sky is overcast, during the monsoon, you’ll never get to enjoy the beach, and well everything I just wrote about 😛

So Travel Smart,
Until tomorrow, OkayBye!

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