Will you be my friend?

Heya guys!! This week is special, at least for me as I will me sharing my best journey experience with you people. The most awaited theme! (I have been waiting to write on this theme since so long!)
Travel experience last with us for life time, we wish to erase the one in bad experience category and we wish to share the one in the good experience list. After listening to what my fellow travelers did to me the previous week, I hope you will enjoy reading those moments of my journey that are very close to me and made me what I am today.
If I talk about myself then I don’t gel up with people easily and may be this is the reason I don’t have a big list of friends. Heading towards my story, here it is… A week before New Year when all the airlines are jam packed, I got lucky to get my bookings cleared for my Mumbai trip. I was traveling alone so I packed all the necessary stuff to kill my loneliness (none of them was used, and you will got to know why). After boarding I found out that I didn’t get my favourite seat as it was taken by my co-passenger, this pissed me off but when I saw my co-passenger the words in my mind were ‘aww how can she be so cute?’ I was accompanied by a 10 year old cute, little girl.
After giving a long introduction she asked my name and with her chirruping bird’s voice she asked me ‘will you be my friend?’ For a moment I was just staring at her and then to keep her happy I said yes. It might seem strange to you that how this little kid affected me so much but this is life we tend to find people who leave their marks on us and we are unaware of the reason that why did they affect us so much. Throughout our flight we were c hatting on random topics. Despite of our age gap, we had so much to share. Frankly I didn’t want that journey to end. But time waits for no one! When we reached our destination she waved at me and with a smile she said ‘we will be friend forever’.
That was the first and last time I met her, but her friendship gave me the assurance that no matter what happens I will always have a cute little friend there for me.

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