World View Level : Child

Hello People of the World! What’s up?

Earlier in the day Benjamin spoke about his Goa trip, so don’t forget to scroll over to it and spend some time resonating with it, AFTER reading my post 😛

Today I’m going to share an episode from my childhood, and why it’s one of my most cherished memories.

I must’ve been about 4 years old at the time, and we were traveling to Tirupati by train. I’ve been a trucker mouth ever since I started to talk, so our co-passenger who was a slightly elderly person, and was at the unfortunate end of listening to me rant about something or the other while I sipped on the Frooti (which was given to me in an attempt to get me to shut up..) often told my mom approvingly that I’d be the next Sonia Gandhi. Well that won’t happen. But this did.

Back then we had something that we called a Cool Keg, basically a water storage plastic insulated keg, which would keep water cool in the sweltering heat. Tiny as I am, I was tinier back then, which made me the designated in charge of the keg. i.e. sit on it so it doesn’t get stolen. (don’t laugh at me, I’m pretty sure your family also made you do weird stuff like this!) So we got off at the station and lugged our bags off the platform waiting for some form of transport to take us where we needed to go. They set me up on a nearby platform and I was sitting atop the keg. We waited, and waited, I talked and talked, until my mum got a little fed up and asked me to shut it. So I did, quietly sit there. The cab arrived, everyone got on. Everyone except me.

The cab zoomed off and I just sat there, a little girl in a pair of shorts and a vest, idly waiting atop a cool keg. I don’t know how much time went by before they realized and came back for me. I do know how scared I felt, at first. After that it was kinda fun. I watched people fight, fall, hurry into the station, run out of it, drink water from the keg I sat on (after asking me, of course..) I watched life unfold like a grand scheme only meant for my eyes. I have very little memory of what I actually saw, but I remember feeling distinctly awed by everything I saw. It was perhaps the first time I realized how tiny I was (literally) in the whole wide world.

When they came back and found me, I could see they’d all cried and were thoroughly tensed, at the time I never understood why. (Now I do) Mum hugged me tight and asked, “why didn’t you call out to us?” and I simply said “You told me to keep quiet..”

She’s never asked me to shut it ever since.

Why would this make it to my top favorite list? well, let’s see, I had fun, didn’t get kidnapped, didn’t hurt myself,nothing bad happened, AND I now have legit. permission from my mom to be as talkative as I want, at home or when we travel. – I don’t need anything more from life at this point in time 😛

I would’ve said “I’ve spoken enough now”, but that just never happens 😛 so I’m gonna go now!

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p.s. that’s not me :P

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