A match please?

‘The Great Outdoors’ – nothing pleases me more than being out in the open.  Being out there, experiencing nature.  Setting forth with a tent and camping wherever I please.


There are many valid reasons to go camping.  It’s a way to escape the routine of ordinary life.  Camping rejuvenates the body and spirit.  But there are quite a many who don’t enjoy being out there and I wouldn’t want to share space with anyone who was of the opinion that nature basically equals to dirt.  People who hate the very idea of sitting on the ground…

Well, we all feel the need to ditch our hectic city lives and return to nature.  Breathing clean fresh air, with green dominating your view, sitting around a campfire under a clear blue sky and gazing up at the stars.  However, one such camp out didn’t exactly turn out to be the way we’d planned it.

My friends and I set out on a two-day camping trip in the hills with our tents, knives, food, camping gear, etc.  The goal was to be on our own, cook our own food and basically rely on nature and our hands and legs for everything.  However, in spite of double-checking everything we’d packed, none of us remembered to carry something to light the campfire with.  So we were stuck with a pile of wood and nothing to set it ablaze.  We did try to channelize the ‘Bear Grylls’ in all of us but turns out it isn’t as easy as he makes it look.  So that basically meant a whole lot of raw food and cold sleepless nights (none of us were anticipating the cold). 

To top it off we weren’t even carrying any mosquito repellent. So by the end of the trip all of us looked like we had measles.

Nonetheless it wasn’t a bad trip. We had camped at a beautiful spot and it was actually fun during the day.  We had our cameras.  So we kept ourselves occupied with them during the day and also ended up experimenting with some time-lapse shots of the sky at night.  So in a way no sleep led us to doing something creative.  However the mosquito repellent would’ve been good and also a little fire :P.



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