A quote to remember #2

Hello Fellow travelers, what’s the world like for you today?

I’ve spent a greater half of the day stooping before my laptop as a means of silent prayer, for a tsunami of creative inspiration to wash me up on the shores of an unfamiliar thought.. but that hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I’ll have to make do with fragments that comprise of my thoughts at this point in time.

I even took a long walk in the morning, watching the city stretch lazily and wake up groggy eyed, to a new day and a new beginning, and I absolutely love that feeling.
But on days like this there’s something that I can and do always turn to, when I’m in a pickle, and it’s this quote.Travel empties out_C.Fontaine

I’ve always loved the notion and the reality of leading a compartmentalized life, in part because, that was something I learned much later in life; and in part because I love a mess. That’s exactly what travel does, it empties all the compartments into one huge pile of unsegregated things, that make us who we are. The good the bad, the ambiguous, is all us. Try as hard as you want, and you can’t recreate the same effect travel does, maybe because you’ll try too hard to not compartmentalize, but you should. It’s what keeps us sane. Travel knocks down all our barriers and walls, brick by brick and sometimes all at once.

There’s something so magical about that, seeing who we really are, and taking our time to come to terms with it. It seems like a matter of common sense, but I can’t help myself from stating the obvious – to pick up something, you need to put something down, by that premise, to let travel fill you with all its good warmth and magic, you need to let go of your “compartmentalized” thought pattern. Curve away from the straight line, every now and then. Travel a little every now and then.

This quote reminds of who I am, and how to find my way back, from the busy demands of an ever buzzing alternate dimension which is our reality. It’s like all of life passes as a dream, and the only time when we’re truly awake is when we travel.

With that, my post comes to an end.
Travel more, Keep it real.

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