A quote to remember #3

Hello Fellow Travelers! What’s up?

This week we’ve been sharing our favourite Travel quotes with you, and I’m already fighting the urge to just take pictures of my travel journal and post them here. (yes, I have a travel journal, and no it’s not very well made, hence no pictures! 😛 ) There are so many quotes that I’ve curated over the years, some from books, some of my own imagination, some from the internet.. 😛 It becomes very difficult to choose favourites.. oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. So here’s quote #3 – in no significant order of importance and/or how close it is to my heart! 🙂

Traveler sees_G.K.Chesterton

This quote is the fundamental difference (as I see it) between a traveler and a tourist.
All Hail Captain Obvious, you say.
I hear you.

No really, every landscape is a painting (I love this analogy that Benjamin coined here – http://blog.roomnhouse.com/2014/05/travel-is-inspiration/ ) speaking of a destination as a painting, the tourists, will see the finished product appreciate the colours, probably take a picture, or put a price on the creation and deem it “totally worth it.” But the travelers, will read into the brush strokes, the coloured tones, shades, tints, the lines and bends, the essence of each colour and shape, the travelers will look into the soul of the painter, and admire the painting in their own minds, taking their time to soak it all in. And realize that no price will ever do justice to how valuable it is.

The traveler sees every place with a new pair of eyes, much like a new born child, experiencing the world for the very first time, (regardless of whether or not they’ve actually been there before). The tourist on the other hand, will throw a fit about buying candy bars at aisle 3. The novelty of the world only increases with every new journey, for the traveler, but for the tourist, it’s as disconnected at the mere tick mark beside one more item checked off the “Places to visit before I die” list. In doing so the Tourist may have the most instagram-ed pictures, but the Traveler has the mind-blowing, awe inspiring voice of experience. There are many such differences, perceived or otherwise, which I could rant on until the cows home, and even more after that. But I’ve come to realize that there’s a traveler inside each tourist, and the tourist doesn’t know it yet. He’s almost like the half empty shell of an oyster before the pearl begins to form inside it.

To sum it up, in a quote I just formed – “Every traveler was once a tourist, and every tourist is a traveler in making, but of course, some people never learn.” – Sonali Sharma. 😛

Well, that’s about it for today.
Until my next post,
Travel more, admire more.

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