A quote to remember #6

Hello Fellow Travelers! what’s up?

This has been a good week, for me, work wise, not so much otherwise.. I got to dig up my not so well made journal of carefully curated travel quotes, and share them with you people 🙂 how has it been for you?

Moving on to the quote of the day –

Travel_Human_PaulTherouxThis quote has left a lasting impression on me, and stands for everything that travel is all about for me. This perfect arrangement of words is something that has come to be a big part of who I am today. It says everything, that I can’t, on the subject of travel.

It’s not a bite sized in your face make you think too much sort of a philosophical statement. It’s not even an order on what the good life is, or what you should do, to travel right, and be happy. It’s not even  eureka moment of earth shattering wisdom.

It’s about the small things, and big things that make us who we are. It’s about the realities which are closer to home, the realities, which are home. It talks about the most primal and basic requirements that travel fulfills, it completes all the little voids in you, that you never even knew existed.

Like the beautiful beginning which will take you to the perfect end, riding away into the sunset, exploring the other side of the horizon. It reminds you of how life, travel and we as people are beautiful, worth finding, worth losing, worth remembering, worth discovering, worth loving.

You can ponder over that, while you plan your next trip. But I gotta go now.
Until my next post,
Keep Traveling.

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