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Hello Fellow Travelers, What’s up?

Today is by far one of the best Sundays I’m having, an overcast sky, a good book to read, a cup of hot chocolate by the side, and I’m left alone with my spot on the window sill, and my musings. Of course I will be heading out a little later. But for now, I’ll share my final thoughts on the whole favourite travel quote series… it seems that time has slowed down, the week it seems has started years ago, and I’ve been writing about my quotes forever now. But then again, that may just be the effect of this semi lazy Sunday. 😛

The quote I’m writing about today is perhaps, the most accurate description of travel wisdom (if at all there is such a thing!)
In every post, I’ve talked about traveling with an open mind, with open eyes, and seeing the world for what it is. In this post I’m not going to do any of it, because my quote does all the talking.

The real voyage_Marcel Proust

..having shared that, you can’t deny that Travel does have a certain charm to it, if you don’t treat it like a chore. A new perspective is what the charm comprises of. So many times, I’ve traveled to places I’ve been to before, but they look different every time, and it’s not due to the inevitable change that the planet is blessed with. It’s because somehow, every single time, there’s a new facet that presents itself to me, and sometimes even through me. We become a part of the places we visit in the same way, that they become a part of us. They can be seen, heard,felt, understood through us, as we are understood by and through them.

I realize that the last three sentences don’t make much sense right away, but let them sink in, and hopefully you’ll have understood what I’m trying to convey. With that, I’ll leave you to your thoughts, and go back to my book, and hot chocolate which has now turned cold. 😛

Until my next post,

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