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Hello Fellow Travelers, what’s the world like outside your window?

The whole of last week was spent discussing the essence of travel and what it means to us bloggers, this has been my best piece in the previous week – http://blog.roomnhouse.com/2014/05/travel-is-love/ and not just because it allowed me to speak from the heart (metaphorically and literally speaking 😉 ) it just was special. 😀

This week, we’re back with our favourite travel quote(s) and why it (they) mean(s) so much to us! The quotes I will write about are all my favourites, with no order of ascension whatsoever! 🙂

Travel far enough_D.Mitchell


David Mitchell surely has the right idea about Travel, and what it can do. Most of what I spoke about last week, can be summed up neatly in these 6 words.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”

This quote resonates with me on a much deeper level than I can explain in simple language. The philosopher in me smiles knowingly at the quote and hugs the traveler inside me. The kind of embrace that most friends lock themselves in after a reunion long overdue.
Every time I travel, I’m introduced to a part of the person I’m going to become. Every time, I go one step closer, to being me.
It’s sad that it happens so often that we travel mindlessly, not paying attention to the changing landscape, and our own changing mind-scape.

I remember reading this quote as a tattoo, and instantly connected with it. It was in fact, how I made a new friend on a bus. We spoke at length about the philosophical and psychological effects of the quote, and how, having it tattoo-ed meant that Travel was literally in his blood. 🙂 So far, I’ve traveled enough to resonate with the quote, yet not enough to say “been there, done that”, but oh, well. It’s a long road, ahead, and I’m only getting started! 😀

Until my next post,
Keep Traveling, and accumulating quotes! 😀

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