Armchair Travel – A feigning foreigner’s guide

Hello Fellow Travelers! what’s up?

So yesterday I wrote about Armchair Travel being a lazy man’s heaven, in so much as not having to move from where you are and yet having traveled the world in a matter of hours.

I -may have- seemed to detest the notion, but that’s not true.

Books, like Travel, have this amazing magnetism that just pulls you to them. Both have the ability to make you lose yourself, and find yourself. Only that Travel actually needs you to move. Which can be a fantastic thing, or the worst idea ever, depending on what your physical and mental stage is like at that point in time.

I’m sure we all have our “I-can-conquer-the-world-today” and our “Ask-me-to-move-around-and-I’ll-kill-your-pet” days. Those were extreme, we usually function along the continuum of the two polarities. So for days when every cell in your body feels like a little canon ball, you just want to curl up with a good book, and coffee.  Books in general have the amazing ability to take you places, show you things you’ve never seen, bombard you mind with a perspective it never considered, but Travel Books, well they do all of that literally. You could curl up in a ball on your couch and imagine yourself on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, you could lie on your back and be part of a Wedding procession in Africa. You could enjoy the local dish, buy making it at home yourself (after Google-ing the recipe) or by ordering in, (if there’s a service for that kind of cuisine around where you live, that is.) You could see the ice capped mountains in your favourite PJs and enjoy the view from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to worry about being well dressed, showered (although for hygiene purposes it is strongly recommended that you do.) or having your wallet flicked, or the packing hassles, or the budgeting worries, or the food allergies, and water concerns, or the annoying co-passengers, or language issues, or the airport pat down, or your safety in general (although you could die from a number of causes even at home, but lets not even look in the direction of that territory.) My point is You don’t need to worry at all.

All you need is a book to read, the ability to read it, and imagination!


That’s all.

And sometimes not even that. With the adventurous strides in technology, there are travel CDs and DVDs and people digitally documenting their scripted Travels during prime time slots, all you need to do is switch it on, and the sloth in you can kick up its legs and enjoy the scene. You now no longer need to stress your brain for the formulating an image or thinking about how the language is pronounced. It’s all already being fed to your eyes and ears.

Now that’s something!

You can then (if you decide to that is) go out, meet your friends, casually mention..


..all the cool and awesome new things you saw/read about earlier in the day. And you won’t even have uneven tan lines, but very authentic looking travel weight.

In many ways it’s good to stay in, and let your mind wander, in a good way..!For those of us, who are travelers at heart, but not with our bodies, this seems like the closest simulated experience of travel itself. Even though it may not be as magical as the real thing, but it is a fiercely personal experience, which should be acquired at least once in a lifetime.

With that, I’ll stop today.



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