Armchair Travel – a half hearted promise

Hello Fellow Travelers! Have you traveled via your armchair yet?

So all of this week, I’ve talking about Armchair travel, and how it’s a something that the lazy person, or someone who reads a lot, would really enjoy.

But then again, there’s only so much that can be said about it, that hasn’t already been said before, or that hasn’t been written about before. So let’s take a different view on this, today.

In most cases of cinema, the book has always been a gazillion times better than the movie itself, no matter how well made the movie was. Simply because the world of the book seemed more real and effortless to be a par of than that created painstakingly by the people responsible for the movie. When we read the characters, and places are projections of ourselves on to the story, which is why we feel every emotion so deeply, if its evoked by a book.

But, that story is completely turned upon its head, like a turtle flipped over on its shell. All the books, and movies you watch about travel, don’t even match up in the slightest, to the kind of things that you’ll encounter while you travel. The air and water will be different, the ground and sky will be different, people will be different, You will be different. And this is not something that you can possibly experience through a book, or a DVD.

So armchair travel then seems like a half hearted promise which falls short on every measure of the yardstick that travel is glorious. Yes it’s economical, yes it’s practical, yes it’s a good way to travel when you cant. But it’s also not enough. What will you do with knowledge you’ve ever truly experienced? What will you do with a truth you’ve never playfully verified yourself?  What will you do with that vagabond in you?


I’ll leave you with your thoughts on that,


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