Armchair Travel – a lazy man’s heaven

Hello fellow travelers! What’s up?

Last week, was all about food and how it filled our tummies and souls with copious amounts of happiness. Here’s a semi-introductory post to this week’s theme, Armchair Travel or Armchair Travelers. For those of you, who are unaware of the word, it basically means, reaping the benefits of travel without actually having to move from your place.

How would you do that? You ask.

Well travel DVDs, CDs, magazines, reading up on cultural traditions, practices of different places all classifies as armchair travel, and it is something of which I’m guilty as charged. But that’s not the only way I travel, so I take liberties in calling voluntary Armchair travelers, unambitious, living in a cocoon of comfort and plain lazy.

To my understanding, unless you’re unable to move you’re legs, you’re a voluntary armchair traveler, and the kind of people I sincerely detest. I may seem enraged and hateful, but I’m not. I promise. It’s just beyond my understanding why anyone would want to stay in one place when they can move around? If you have the ability to move around, it’s only stupid to not do so.

That being said, I think the whole concept of Armchair Travel is kinda cool in its own right. Simply because it empowers our minds to think, to imagine, to understand, to love a place you’ve never been to or experienced fully. Within the glossy pages of a magazine, high definition footage from the CD/DVD/Television Travel Chanel, you’re briefly transported to that place, even if it is merely a simulated experience. Then again, it’s not real, not in the sense as a living breathing thing in itself – something that you experience everywhere you travel, you experience not just the place, you experience the place experiencing you.

Armchair travel is a lazy man’s heaven, I say. Because you rarely ever leave where you are, and all you have to do is imagine the information being constantly fed to you via whatever it is that you’re using as reference.

Armchair travel is good, but not a good enough excuse, to not actually travel.

With this I’m going to end my post today.
Watch this space for my post tomorrow Armchair Travel – a feigning foreigner’s guide.
Until then, stay true to travel!

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