Armchair Travel – A new perspective

Hello Fellow Travelers! what’s up?

If you’ve been keeping up with the posts so far, we’ve been talking about Armchair Travel this week, and I’m at a total loss of words, today. Not because I feel a little out of my depth here, but just that this idea of Armchair Travel is something that I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with, vehemently.

It’s case of a travel bipolarity (if there is something like that), I think.

It’s economical, it’s different, it sounds like a cool thing to do. But somehow for me, it’s just not enough. It lacks a certain thrill, an enjoyment of being in an unfamiliar place..
And then sometimes I look at my wallet, and to do list, and sigh dramatically.

As Benjamin mentioned in his post yesterday  and I quote –

“Travelling, ‘Good Travelling’ requires time.  It requires for you to take out time from your daily life and actually spend a good amount of it, if you really want to travel, for travels sake.  A quick visit to the local hill station over the weekend with a bunch of friends or a weekender at that great resort may not exactly pour you the same cup of tea.  Sure it may refresh you for a bit, but it won’t really do much for you in terms of exploration and growth. “

I find myself agreeing with him more than I’d like to admit (of course, at this the Traveler in me, resents my inability to feed it, and the Reader in me is gloating with an exaggerated I-told-you shrug.) Travel is expensive, and maybe not in a oh-yeah-lets-spend-all-our-money kinda way, but you will be spending, even in the minimal costs, and that does by definition classify as an expense. Now I’m not a miser, or a Scrooge, I just have unusually tight pockets, at this stage in my life. Although I do plan to work hard and become filthy rich, and then spend time Traveling, like really traveling.Quotation-J-F-Hermann-living-life-magic-mind-travel-creativity-imagination-luxury-world-home-meditation-inspiration-Meetville-Quotes-150910

But until then, I’m making do with an armchair and well written books which only strengthen my resolve to go out there and see the world with a new pair of eyes. Which is why I tend to pick up books based on religions, histories, philosophical thought, and development of different places.. so that when I’ll actually go there, I’ll see a grown person, whose childhood I read all about, whose childhood I was a part of simply by taking interest in it.

Armchair travel is like the potters wheel and your mind is like the clay on it. The book you read, or the stuff you watch, will shape your thoughts, opinions and expectations of the world in general – it changes your perspective, or reinforces the one you already view the world by. Either way, there’s always something to learn from it.


This post has been sufficiently long, for being at a loss of words! 😛
Gotta go now!

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