Armchair Travel – A penny for your thoughts

Hello Fellow Travelers!

So far this week, I’ve been ranting on about Armchair Travel, and while I personally don’t agree with a great deal about some of its aspects, I’ve tried to be open minded about it. The result of one such attempt is this bite sized post that I’m putting forth today –

I ran a Google search for Armchair Travel Books, and these are my top 5 as the one’s I’d most likely read –

  1. Walking Home – A Poet’s Journey By Simon Armitage
  2. The Last Train to Zona Verde – My Ultimate African Safari By Paul Theroux (in fact any book by him)
  3. Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer (I’ve watched the movie and really liked it, so I’m guessing the book would make for a very good read)
  4. The Art of Travel – Alain De Botton
  5. Jungle : A Harrowing True Story of Survival By Yossi Ghinsberg

With that I’m off to make a trip to the bookstores near my house, to score at least one of these books, and I’ll share my experience in armchair travel with you tomorrow! In the meanwhile, I’d suggest you read one of these too, and let’s see if we can have a back and forth discussion about it! 🙂

(Although, I personally prefer reading about the cultures and people, and eveything else on a travel blog, or a website, or an e-book of sorts, but my eyes hurt too much, so I’ll stick with the physical copies of the books!)

Until then,I’m sincerely hoping to have found a book that would change my mind about the notion of Armchair Travel.
Gotta go now,


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