Armchair Travel – not quite the enemy!

This week is all about ‘Armchair Travel’ and for those of you who don’t quite know the meaning of the term, well Sonali has shed some light on the same for you guys in her post.(

Now armchair travel may seem like something you wouldn’t want to do.  And given a choice anyone would prefer to actually find themselves in a place, than imaginatively finding his or her way through the countryside (unless you are a lazy ass.).  But armchair travel may not actually be thy enemy.  It might on the contrary, be the exact thing you may need to get you out there.

Travelling, ‘Good Travelling’ requires time.  It requires for you to take out time from your daily life and actually spend a good amount of it, if you really want to travel, for travels sake.  A quick visit to the local hill station over the weekend with a bunch of friends or a weekender at that great resort may not exactly pour you the same cup of tea.  Sure it may refresh you for a bit, but it won’t really do much for you in terms of exploration and growth. 

But to be honest a lot of us cannot find the time we need to actually travel.  We cannot carelessly pack our bags and map out our route around the world.  Some people are privileged to do so (especially youngsters); but those of us who shoulder a great deal of responsibilities cannot.  And lets face it, traveling nowadays, isn’t all that easy on the pockets either.  And that may actually be the reason why many choose to skip it.  What does one do then?

The armchair might just be the thing you need.  I am not suggesting it as an alternate to travel, nothing could match the thrills of actually being out there; but maybe as a temporary means to escaping whatever it is you need escaping from.  And it can really be quite the thing.  It could be anything that you could possibly lose yourself in.  Movies, travel shows, books on travel, travel journals of some great explorers etc. It could even be a work of fiction.  Your mind doesn’t actually have to travel to a real place.  In fact even it is a real place you were reading about, your mind is painting the picture for you, so its as good as fiction.  And that is never a bad thing.  Our mind can be quite a powerful weapon.  It can help you cut off from all your worldly matters and transport you into another world of its own, providing you the escape you so badly need from time to time.

And as for all you lazy couch warmers and people who don’t like to step out; armchair travel may actually be the push you require to propel you out there. It can open up the world for you. On your armchair at first, but then as you begin to love notion of travel and exploring and the thrill that every new book or movie throws you into, you’ll slowly leave your chair and want to reach out to the real thing. 


So if its what you need at the moment, take your time, warm away your seats, but let it open your eyes to what’s really out there and make you lift your bottom!! 

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