Don’t you touch my hair!!

Heya people? Where have you been recently? (do share your story in comments below). With this new day, I will be sharing a new anecdote with you. Not much of chit-chats today, I will straight away jump on to the story.

Last October my family decided to take a trip to Bangkok and Pattaya but that’s not the issue, the issue is what happened with me there. Sometime I feel that problems are kind of attracted towards me, everything bad in this universe happens with me (oh! God why?)

I was kind of fascinated with the hairstyle of Bangkok localites, so I decided to get a haircut from their local salon. As soon as I entered the salon a heavy-footed lady grabbed me and literally threw me on the dressing chair. Her accent was completely out of the world and I had no clue what she was talking about. Suddenly she grabbed a scissor and started to cut my hair. When I tried to stop her she gave me a sandwich thinking that I was hungry.


She brutally cut my long hair so short and the icing on the cake was that she was not even able to understand that I was scolding her. I mean who does this? In which parlor? Sometimes I feel that she intentionally did this to me. But, once cut, no one in the world could stick my hair back so I decided to move on.

That lady made me realize, how important my beautician is, and since then I have not even thought of visiting another parlor. After reading this, am sure the guys might think that I am over-rating what happened with me but the girls out there will definitely understand what I went through.
Now is the time for me to say good-bye.

So till my next post travel safe and do update me where you are heading to!

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