Goa Blended…..

There’s nothing like travelling with your buddies.  Having like-minded people who understand you and are in and around your age group.  You don’t need to worry about having to go early to bed or even getting to your hotel for that matter.  No schedules to follow as you probably would’ve had to with your family and quite frankly no one to stop you from doing anything.  All the freedom you need.


But, like James Hetfield says, “Its all fun and games, till someone loses an eye.” (Not literally, but you get the gist).   You’re bound to do something stupid when you are with a bunch of friends. And especially when you go to a place like Goa.

Remember how I told you guys about my trip to Goa and about how all my friends wanted to do, was party and I didn’t exactly want to spend my trip like a big hangover?  Well after ditching the party scene for a good three days I decided to join them as it was our last day in Goa and we all basically wanted to have a good time as a group.

So we hit the party scene at Baga and spent the entire night dancing, mingling around, hopping from one club to another and ended up drinking like a fish.  I know this doesn’t sound good but I’m sure mostly everyone does the same when in Goa.

After exhausting our wallets and being kicked out of all the clubs for exceeding their time limit, we decided we still wanted to be out and ended up on the beach. (Conveniently forgetting we had to board a train at nine the next morning.) We ended up sitting on the beach till 6 am and some of us even slept there for a good couple of hours.  We somehow managed to get back to our hotel around 6:30 and crash. But crashing was not such a good idea. I woke up to a loud commotion of people flipping out and running around stuffing their belongings in their bags.  It was 8:20 am and the train station was half an hour away.  We didn’t even have time to dress properly and I ended up checking out, in my pajamas. But after some screaming, yelling and requesting the taxi driver to drive like a maniac we did manage to reach the train station in time.

It was a quiet train journey thereafter as most of us were sleeping and quite a few had a bad hangover.  Although it was a mad experience and one I won’t ever forget.

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