Lucky in Lucknow!

Hello Fellow Travelling Foodies! What’s cooking? 🙂

Ever since I started the day, I’d been day dreaming about lunch time, and what I ate today took me back to the winter of 2012, I’d gone to visit my cousins in Lucknow, & this was about as lucky we could get that day. We were cold, hungry, tired & in need of a place to just catch a break. So far we’d all met with some or the other odd mishap which one could attribute to sheer rotten luck. It was 11pm, the temperature was around 4 degrees C. We were exploring Hazrat Ganj when our stomachs bellowed out the mating call of whales, in unison. So we stopped by at a tiny restaurant which was going to close for the day, & pleaded with the manager to serve us whatever little there was left, as luck would have it, he let us in.

(I believe rubbing our very hungry bellies did the trick, but you never know.)

Settling in, we thought he’d probably serve half cooked stale chapattis with salad, or maybe left over rice, which were scrapped off the vessel, what we got instead, were 4 steaming plates of chole bhature and 4 glasses of chilled lassi, malai and all, complete with a salad and dressing by the side. The chole, were tea infused brown, mega light, as against the usual heavy yellow version of the dish. The bhature were huge, yet easy to finish! One after another, we gobbled down miniature planet sized bhaturas in a matter of minutes! Until such a time, where our stomachs curved outwards and our faces glowed with white lassi smiles 🙂  We ended the day with freshly made, and sweetened milk froth called Naimish, which melts in your mouth before you know it!

We got home around 12:30 AM with great difficulty, considering we were all too full to walk, too cold, but not tired at all. 4 cousins, one night, full on madness.

With that, I’ve overshot my word limit yet again, but oh well.
OkayBye! 😀

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