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Hey Guys! I’m sorry I was missing out of action last week.  But I had some issues to look into and couldn’t really find the time to write.  However I’m back; and this week we are going to walk you through ‘Khaau Galli’ (Foodies’ Street).  That’s right!  We’ll be talking about food.  The one thing that excites every Sapien out there and that keeps them live and kicking.

Food makes up for a major part of our travel experience and we surely don’t mind it eating into our time :P.  We often find ourselves connect with a place and its people through its food.   We do love a good meal, and nothing could be better than digging our faces into a new cuisine.

When it comes to me, I think the market is the best place to explore the food habits of any particular culture.  It really gives you an insight into what’s really cooking in the homes of people living in different places.

And one such market experience for me was in Tel-Aviv, Israel.   The market sits in the heart of the city (which according to me is Allenby Street) and is called ‘Shuk HaCarmel’ or simply ‘Carmel Market’.

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Carmel is lined up with several colourful shops and stalls on each side, selling all kinds of food items like dried fruits, nuts, all kinds of vegetables, Middle Eastern spices, dates, olives etc.  The market is also stocked on sweets, candies and also a couple of great bakeries that pump out some really delicious Jewish baked goods and pastries.  Cakes, breads, bagels, croissants-sweet and savory… you name it!

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And it just doesn’t stop there.  There are some dedicated Baklava vendors, Halva sellers (pronounced ‘Khalva’), stalls selling all kinds of fruit juices, Shawarmas, Falafels etc., which the region is famous for.  (Although for juices, I recommend a place that is in the lane across the street from Carmel and is a Juice Bar selling all kinds of delicious concoctions.  Walk down the street till you come to a bench with a garden gnome. Trust me the juices were so good that I had to go back a couple of times). The market is also a great place to buy all kinds of souvenirs, clothes etc.

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Carmel is truly a feast for the senses – the smells, sounds, colours, and the people; just lift you up.  I’ve never felt so alive in a market before.  I stuffed myself as much as I could and tried my best to get a bite of everything.  I also had a great time watching the locals buy their food and haggle for a lower price.  Carmel isn’t just about Jewish food culture.  It’s a true mix of food from all over the Middle East and it gives you a sense of the various cultures residing in Israel.

So next time you visit a place, make sure your tummy takes you to the market.  Until next time, travel further and eat more.


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