My favorite travel quote, Quote#2

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So far you know what’s on the top on my list of favorite travel quotes of all time and if you don’t know then go and read my previous blog ( do it now!!

Welcome back, now let’s move on to the next quote. A quote that describes the true essence of a journey, a quote that motivates a traveler to make more and more journeys, a quote that tells the value of the memories made in those journeys. Well different people tend to find of different meanings of various things, this is what this quote means to me.

Breaking the suspense, this is a quote by Earnest Hemingway and it says

“It’s good to have an end to journey toward;
But it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

A journey is not about the end of our journey, it is not about the destination we have reached, it is about the memories we have made, it is about the moments we have lived and it is about the people we have met.
Why is it that the moment spent on a particular destination stick in our mind like it just happened yesterday, though that journey was made several years ago? Because that destination was new and exciting. No, it happens because the moments we spent at a location leave their impressions on our mind, it is the memories that we create make the journey worth remembering.

It's good to have_E.Hemmingway

This is what this quote whispers in my ears, travel to make memories not to reach a destination because at the end it is the journey that matters mot the destination that you have reached. It is was you have been through not where you have reached.

With this thought I will end this post.
Toodles till my next post and remember travel to make memories and gain experiences. 🙂

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