No room for Mushroom!

Hello Fellow Foodie Travelers! What’s on the plate?

Have you checked out the previous posts this week? Well you should, if you haven’t already. The title for the post is pretty suggestive of what will follow, and for all the mushroom lovers out there, power to you! I just can’t stomach them. -gags-

I’ve always been a fussy eater with an affinity for anything sweet, or junk. So there’s a whole lot of healthy stuff I’d rather not eat, but then again, health is where healthy food is. Grudgingly, I eat the food that helps me live a good life.

Mushrooms? Not at all. Never in a million births will I ever acquire a taste or affinity for them.

And this belief was reinstated and drilled into my psyche via my taste buds when I took the trip to Mahabaleshwar with the family sometime in the May of 2011.
The lovely chill in the breeze was a welcome change from the scorching heat back home. We hardly ever stayed indoors, and simply wandered in the local markets, buying slippers, bags, eating all kinds of chaat, drinking watery coffee, and he freshest juices.. Ah, the Mapro farms.. It was such a perfect day, we’d had some 3 strawberry splits and countless fruit juices earlier in the day, and had very little or no space in our tummies for any more food.

Over the hours we’d made friends with the lady who occupied the room down the hall because she traveled with our group wherever we went. It was only when we got back to the hotel did she tell us that she’d packed a little something for dinner – Mushroom Risotto. -gags some more-

She then invited herself to our room, and narrated her life story, which in essence was that she has a vacation home nearby, occupied by her son and his wife. She doesn’t get along well with her daughter in law, so whenever she visits them, she lives in a hotel, and drops by when the daughter in law is out, cooks herself a meal, cleans up, and leaves. This was what she’d been up to earlier in the day when she decided to join us in the latter half of the day, and without notice or insistence, she pulled out bowls and spoons, and a huge box of Mushroom Risotto.

Out of sheer courtesy, we all ate (despite being close to the point of explosion, caused by over eating), and I tried not to gag audibly, and also not throw up everything I’d eaten minutes ago. But by the end of it all, my tongue and esophagus went numb. I couldn’t feel or taste a damn thing. My stomach was fuller than general compartment of a train during peak hours.

The potentially unsettling details of what followed are not something I’m going to share. But it would be safe to conclude, that I’m never going to eat mushrooms again. (and that’s saying it in the mildest manner possible.)

Until next time – Remember that Mushrooms are a form of Fungus!
OkayBye! 🙂

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