Rings a bell, doesn’t it?!

Hello fellow travelers! Where have you traveled lately?

Did you guys read about Mehak’s haircut story and Benjamin’s camping trip? Well you should if you haven’t already done it, and if you did, aren’t they awesome? 🙂

My “what not to do” today is going to be rather short and painfully obvious.
Ditch your damn cell phone! You’re on vacation! 😀


I have seen way too many people getting too attached to their work, all thanks to the devil of a smart phone that mankind invented. They’re chilling in the backwaters of Kerela and replying to an email from the boss. Making presentations on their phone, sealing the deal over whatsapp.. Hell, I used to be that person until recently. And I hated myself for it.

That’s not how you can possibly hope to anything right!

True Story: I saw this guy on a bus, while coming home today, whose phone wouldn’t stop ringing at all, throw yes, throw his phone out of the window and into running traffic, and then grin broadly and scream “I have my life back!”

Look, I love my job, I do. But I don’t love it when it interferes with other spheres of my life! 😛 It’s like being bound by an invisible shackle, a force stronger than love itself, like a ringmaster with a whiplash. Which makes it all the more a good reason to ditch the cell phone as an extension of your work self, and use it as an extension of your traveler self, save all your thoughts, sounds, to your phone. Record, replay. As it is, we spend a greater part of our lives working, do we need to really let that work bleed into our travel time? Travel time equals Me time, and ME is not just someone who works, me is someone who also works, among other things. If this feeling rings a bell with you, well you might wanna check your cell phone first. 😛 and then proceed to turn off the auto sync with your work e-mail. 🙂

So go out there, explore the world, exhaust your senses and rejuvenate your mind.

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