Hello Fellow Travelers! What’s the world like outside your window today? It’s pretty summer-y this side, and I’m gonna get a lovely tan in a few days’ time! 🙂

I recently watched Letters to Juliet (yet again!) and I’m very tempted to start something like that of my own, only that I might accidentally ruin someone’s life. Not that I’m a bad agony aunt, just that sometimes, my suggestions are potentially devastating, even for myself! 😛

Which brings me to the awkward segue to the theme of the post, unsolicited advice, is so not cool and neither is being a disapproving show off. Disapproving_-Mom

I once had to endure a painfully long bus ride with a co-passenger who had taken it upon herself to tell me everything that was wrong with me, and how her daughter was perfect in every way.

-sigh- the kind of things I get myself into.

I wasn’t as offended by what she thought was wrong about me, or the way she said it. Because people have their own opinions and peculiar ways of talking, and I get it. It’s the fact that she wouldn’t shut up about it, that got to me. I usually have the tolerance and self control levels of a monk, and she had come very close to exhausting my calm composure. And it’s not even like I asked for her opinion or anything. I think skinny people like me somehow always have to hear about not being “healthy” and are instantly judged and categorized as bulemic, anorexic, or terminally ill. Whatever happened to high stress levels, and even higher metabolic rates?

I know, sometimes there can be a certain feeling of I-must-go-help-that-person or that I-must-extend-a-bit-of-courteous-conversational-tip-giving-to-make-their-life-better-because-I-obviously-know-everything.

cough-God Complex-cough

But you’ve gotta respect boundaries, and gauge whether or not someone would take your most “well meaning” remarks kindly.
See this happens with parents sometimes, when they instinctively offer well meaning advice to children whether or not they’re their own children, simply because they don’t want the child(ren) to end up in some sort of a mess that can clearly been avoided. What they seem to forget, is that sometimes, making that stupid mistake is how the kids in question will learn!

So the next time you see someone in a mild crisis, offer to help, be as non-invasive as possible, brownie points for not rubbing it in their face and managing to score a date! 😉

Travel Smart, Speak Smarter!
Until next time, OkayBye!

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