The food love, Tale #2

Hello! Hello! Food lovers, what’s on your menu today?

Did you make the pie? How was it? Amazing right? It always is and if you haven’t made it yet read the recipe from my previous blog and get cooking.

Today I will be sharing something with you that will make you roll on the floor. How will you feel if the waiter by mistake serves food on your face instead of serving it on the plate and every person in the hotel starts laughing on you?

Well even imagining this is horrible but I have been through worse, not only I was served a blueberry cheese cake on my face but dear friends of mine posted my photos on the social networking sites (smart phones I hate you!). Next day I was the famous cheese cake girl in my college.


Here is the full story, my friends and I went to chill at a pub near our college and the hot summers had already steamed our heads so we decided to hog on coolers and sweets. The waiter came and served coolers to my friends perfectly without any mess but when he was coming to serve me his foot stuck in the carpet and bam the cooler was on my new baby pink polka dot dress and the cheese cake was on my face, and as the topping on the cake my friends instead on cleaning my face started clicking my photos and uploading them to social networking sites (if you see my profile you can still find those photos there).

That day was a mess but when I remember it now it leaves a smile on my face (stop laughing you people!)

Time for me to push off so toodles till my next post and remember what Dorothy Day said,

“Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul”

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