Tickle my tastebuds

Mirror mirror on the wall, show me something yummy overall.

– poof- Basket chaat

Hello fellow foodies! what’s up?

If you’ve ever traveled to Lucknow and not tried the basket chaat in Royal Cafe, Hazrat Ganj, you don’t deserve to live on this planet. I know a lot of my posts this week are set in Lucknow, but what to do? I have good food memories there! 😛

the yummy edible baskets of basket chaat!

Basket chaat is basically, every form of chaat in one edible basket. For all those times, when you’re hungry enough to eat the plate along with the food. Its the size of a medium sized bowl, which is fried crisp, and then filled with the usual filling that comprises of every chaat, think –  paani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, dahi bata puri, ragda patties and salivate at the thought of it all, while your stomach complains revoltingly.

Flashback to Winter of 2012, we chilled around at Hazrat Ganj a lot. My discovery of Basket Chaat was rather accidental. We were generally ambling around, and decided to catch a breath or two at Royal Cafe. I couldn’t peg my chaat craving to any one kind, and Basket chaat seemed very very intriguing on the menu so I took the leap of faith, (something that has not quite worked well for me before.. read : http://blog.roomnhouse.com/2014/04/ask-before-you-eat/ ) and ordered the Basket Chaat, one by one, everybody took a bite and ordered their own Baskets, and God Bless the inventor of it, it was so good, I can never enjoy chaat anywhere else again. :p

it may look messy, but it’s so good to eat!

We were so blissfully full by the end of it all, we had to sit around for about half an hour or so just to let it settle down.. 😀 😀 -good times!-

After all basket basket pe likha hai khaane waale ka naam (every Basket beholds the name of the person who shall eat it).. now that I’ve made such a statement, I better go.

Until my next post,

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