Travel beyond the brochure!

Hello Fellow Travelers, we meet yet again! 🙂

Ever met a bunch of people who swear by a travel brochure as though it was the be all and end all of their travel destination’s definition? I have and I found them to be rather strange. I mean sure, the travel brochure is very very extensively informative, and will guarantee you have a good trip, but eventually, that’s all that it can really do. Travel-Trifold-Brochure

It can’t tell you how exciting the coffee of the shack along the off beaten road will be. It can’t tell you how breathless you’ll be at the sun set by a lost lake, or how at peace you’ll be in a forgotten chapel at night. It can’t even tell you how the food will change from one street vendor to the next, and truly how bad some forms of mushrooms taste.

It may be written by a traveler, but it caters to a tourist.

Because a true traveler knows, that every traveler will be lost and found in their own ways, they will have their own experiences, and their own gains, and their own losses. Every traveler has their own story, written in their own words. It’s their own poetry in their own voice.

So go on, Travel within and beyond the brochure!
See the world for what it is, and not what is printed in the glossy pages of a guide.

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