Travel is.. a vagabond’s lifestyle

Hello Fellow Travelers! Where have you traveled to recently?

Did you guys read about Mehak’s take on traveling? No? well, then you should go read the words of a perennial foodie, here :  🙂

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So far, I’ve written a whole lot ’bout travel and what it means, and how the obscurity is a defining feature of the journey itself, well in essence that what my previous two posts have been all about, but feel free to draw your own conclusions from them 😛 (to form opinion go here : and here : ) 😉

Now let’s get on with it..

Where you travel leaves an impression on your mind, changes it permanently somehow, even in the most miniscule fashion. You can’t un-see the beauty of a place, you can’t un-hear the buzz of a busy local bazaar, you can’t un-smell the salty coastline or the sweet lakeside, and you definitely can’t un-feel the vibration of the destination, rhythmically match your heartbeat. All these changes, may seem unimportant and of no measurable consequence, but that is as far from the truth, as is one alternate reality from another.totravel

Travel has the ability to make a barren personality, evergreen with experience. Every trip, every journey teaches you something you perhaps already knew, but needed reminding, or something entirely different altogether. A vision, a mirage, a ghostly shadow, a tiny fleeting moment of knowledge. It leaves you richer with every journey, every adventure. It takes you closer to the person you were meant to become..(More on this by Benjamin :

Travel is the funny tingle in your belly, during take off or touch down in a flight, it’s the wide grin on your face as you sit by the window in a train/cab, it’s the wonderful ache in your feet after a long long walk, it’s the memories of a distant land, it’s the sound of camera shutters of tourists making memories. It’s the smell of an unfamiliar land assaulting your senses. Travel is about the small joys and large additions to your store of memories.

Travel is about the food, the life and spirit of a place, it’s about the noises, and the silences, it’s how the place wakes up every morning, and sleeps at night. Travel is a teacher and a friend, a philosopher in plain sight, an explorer on a mission. Travel is the one way, we find that we’re better off without the glitz and glamor of an extravagantly “comfortable” life.

Travel is freedom in its purest form, travel is life in its bold simplicity, and shy classiness.

When we travel, the vagabond in us, travels with us. We never only travel on the outside, we do it inward too. 🙂



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