Travel is.. contentment

Hello Fellow Travellers, we meet again! So far Mehak and I have written about what travel means to us, and being the loquacious person that I am, here’s a little more from me, on what the essence of travel is..


Travel is more than just the seeing of sights, hearing new sounds, and feeling the vibe of the destination, and a little less than completely becoming one with a place. It’s about the process of losing yourself to a place, while still being YOU.

Travel is about the moments when you came close enough, to getting robbed, to getting lost, to being late, to missing the bus, to getting a ticket for jay walking, to winning the jackpot, to dying. Travel is the thrill, that spurt of energy rippling through your insides, urging your feet to walk, run and dance with reckless abandon.

Travel is the tickle in your bones, the permanent itch, the constant seed of hope, the reason why you sometimes can’t fall asleep. Travel is why, when the world is wide awake, you are wide awake. Travel is why you see the same stars in a different light, from a different destination.

Travel is the feeling of being alive, and seeing the world spin faster, and slower at the same time.

Travel is why we’re not built to stay in one place. Travel is the feeling of being happy exactly where you are, with no hurry to be where you want to be.

Travel is how we know, that deep down inside, we’re all the same. 🙂

Until my next post,

Travel More, Smile More.

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