Travel is……Food!

Bonjour travelers! What’s sizzling?

In my last post you all came to know that travel is shopping for me (if you haven’t read that post then go and read it, but that’s not all, travel for me is much more than shopping and buying stuff from markets all over the world.

Sometimes I feel that I am living just to eat, food plays an important role in my life and in my journeys. You got it right, travel is food for me. Exploring new cuisines, tasting new dishes is something that excites me so much and motivates me to travel. Food not only pampers our taste buds but gives us an overview of different cultures. Rajasthani cuisine is spicy whereas Italian cuisine has bit of sweetness in it, food can be a good parameter to compare different culture and there people. If you are traveling locally i.e. within your country then also you can explore various cultures through food and differentiate between them.


Isn’t it exciting that you visit a country just to taste its delicacies? (and updating your social networking site with we travel for food hash-tag). Though globalization has given us the power to taste what is cooking in France in India but still it cannot be compared with the feeling that one experiences in the ambiance of that country whose delicacy he is tasting.

Eating is so much fun isn’t it? But why only eat when you can share your food stories with others. Make a food journal, add pictures and review that dish, it will add a bit of spice to your food fetish.

Food fetish is what travel is for me and there is lots more I my treasure of ‘what travel means to me’, so if you want to know what it is, glue your eyes to my next post.

Time for me to push off, travelers, so till my next toodles and remember what Saint Augustine said

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

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