Travel is.. Home

Hello Fellow Travelers, how far through your bucket list are you?

In my last post, of this fantastic and amazingly introspective week, I close with my final thoughts on what travel means to me.

But, before I go on about it, I’d strongly suggest that you peruse through the articles written earlier in the week, before coming back to this one, or after reading this one.

Travel means so much that it can be best expressed only through a paradox – travel is everything and nothing, all at once.
It can change you at the very fiber of your being, if you let it, or else it’ll just be merely the act of being miserable in another’s homeland. Without travel, we’d all be lost, in every sense.
Travel is what defines us as people, and how we change is what defines travel itself. Travel is the engagement of the mind with all our senses, the perfect marriage between expectations and reality. Travel is what teaches us the essence of being breathless and in awe of the world at large. The world is beautiful and so are we, and one sure fire way to test the hypothesis, is – Travel! (yes I know this has begun to sound like an essay, but let me finish.)

We are changing on two levels every single second of our life time, some changes occurring on a macro level, and some on a micro level. travel only makes us aware of them, and in turn ourselves. It shows us how fragile yet strong we are, and makes us respect ourselves and others more than we already did. It provides a new sense of direction (quite literally!) and reinforces the purpose of our locomotive abilities! 🙂
Every stamp on our passport is like a tattoo on our soul, every train/bus ticket, an adornment on our person, travel makes you see the world, and be a part of it, all at once. It can be the grand magic trick, and a life changing experience, if we allow it. Else, it’s reduced to picture perfect moments, and perfect plastic smiles in a glossy photo album. Notice how I said, If we allow it, which sadly most of us do not, and come back to the 4 walls we’ve grown to call a home, feeling shortchanged and broke.

But Travel is Home. Home is where you take your first steps, say your first words, most of your understanding of the world and how it works, starts here, where you achieved all your developmental milestones, home is special, but it’s not just one place. When you travel, you take your first steps in an unknown world, speak your first words to be understood in a language which is relatively alien to you, understand and form a comprehensive world view, and slowly develop to be a well rounded version of who you once were.


To say that travel is like coming home, is the simplest way I can encapsulate the meaning of what travel means to me. 🙂

Until my next post,
Travel More, Stay Home More.

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