Travel is.. Love

Hello, Fellow Travelers, welcome to wherever you are! (okay okay, yes, Bon Jovi.)

I’ve philosophized the notion of travel for long enough now, and today I’m going to romanticize it 😛 It’s not that I don’t or can’t see travel for what it is, it’s just that at this point, in my deductive reasoning (yeah, I’ve been taking an online course on logic and all.. 😛 ) I can’t really write about what travel is, without covering the periphery.. So, here’s to the mildly romanticized, but not soppy version on travel.

Don’t blame me, for this post. Blame the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight movies.
I seriously want something like that to me, at least once! and with that hope I travel.

Travel, is all about going the distance to get to where you want to be, you must first start to move from where you are, no matter how comfortable that place might be. A lot like love isn’t it. 🙂

To my mind, Traveling (by yourself) is the ultimate test, if I may put it in those terms, to see how much you love yourself. To see whether or not you can love yourself, live with yourself. You soon won’t need any company, because you have You. And that vibe of being completely at ease in your skin, is infectious, and can gain you many an admirer and friend.

I’m in no way suggesting that you travel alone, as a feel good factor, or just to get some action.. but travel alone, when you know you can. Travel alone when you are really open to the possibilities of what can happen, when you’re excited about the prospect of exploring and being explored by a new place. If you’re too comfortable in front of your laptop to really open your eyes to the world and where you stand in it, you need to reconsider your priorities. I’m not saying work isn’t important, but work can’t teach you what travel can.

Travel will make you fall in love, with a place, a feeling, a person, a food item, a piece of clothing, a silly handbag, a prayer symbol, a memory, with love itself, with the world on at large, and the smallest things.. it’ll make you fall in love with YOU, and who knows, you might just meet the love of your life on a trip 😉
Even though it may never culminate into anything much, you’ll always have them around, as a friend, as a memory.

Travel can, and will show you things you’ll love, and things you’ll detest; some days you’ll feel like a couple in their courtship phase, and some days, like a jilted ex lover watching their former flame canoodle with somebody else. But most of all, it’ll teach you, that you don’t need anyone else, You are enough, You are perfect, all by yourself.


I’d love to write more, but I gotta go. 🙂
Until tomorrow,
Travel More, Love More.

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