Travel is.. piece of peace

Hello Fellow Travelers! Where is the map (or the lack if it..) taking you? 🙂

My co-authors Benjamin, Mehak and I’ve written quite extensively (I’d like to believe) trying to cover every facet of what travel means to us, over the past few days… and if you’ve kept up, you’d know how specifically different each interpretation has been.

Here’s just a few things to get you started – we’ve talked philosophy – and finding our way home, shopping, food, inspiration, love, poetry.. and I’m back with a little more of philosophy, but none of the verbose jargon! 🙂

Travel is one of the few things that can really put a troubled mind at rest, a weeping heart at peace, and I say this from experience. I’ve walked home during the monsoon, weary and distraught from the events of the day, and found that the 20 minute walk was the highlight of those dull days.

When we travel, we’re left alone with our thoughts, by choice or by force. We’re left to deal with the hot and tender mess that our emotional states are, we’re left to ourselves. When we travel, we involuntarily sort ourselves out, little by little and sometimes all at once. Travel gives us a different perspective on so many things including travel itself. It helps us see things for what they are, and what they appear to be. It shows us first, the appearance of ethereal beauty, and then the effort that goes into it. It teaches us the value of things, people, relations, and relativity. Travel shows us how the world changes slowly during the day and night, it introduces us to the gradual progression between two extremes on the scale of our existence.

Travel is a break from an apparent reality, and a stroll through what the world is really like. It’s a way of life, it’s a step of encouragement, a path to self discovery, a piece of peace.
And all we have to do, is really open our eyes, minds, and hearts to it. 🙂


Until my next post,
Peace out, don’t piece out.


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