Travel is.. Poetry

Hello Fellow Travelers, what’s the view outside your window like?

Before I proceed to elaborate on the title of the post, I strongly suggest that you do a little background reading with written by Benjamin, he’s made some really good points which would be criminal to miss out on.
So go on, open the link in a new tab, and come back here! Hurry!

Welcome back 🙂 So what is travel really? is it the philosophical journey to self realization? is it the passion to see the world and all that it has to offer? is it the journey we’re always on? is it the lifestyle choice of a detached soul? is it love? is it inspiration? is it something we do? Is it a tangible concept we can specifically define? – well, I don’t know, I’m not entirely sure I ever will. By now you’re familiar with how I write, and the things I write about, well, today’s going to be a little different. 🙂 You’ll see in just a few words –

Travel is – The broad smile of a small discovery,
The tear drops on an elephant’s ivory.
The gentle breeze teasing the shrubbery,
The sap of a tree – white and rubbery.

The chug-chug of a train,
The impulsive urge to bargain.
The light rain,
The penny collection at the base of a fountain.

The beach sand,
Watching couples walking hand in hand.
The obscurity of the lyric of a foreign band,
The laughter when you finally understand.

A haiku from a distant land,
Written in illegible short-hand!

The empty canvas that is you,
The masterpiece that travel makes you.
The vision of a bird that is blue,
The mystery of a hidden clue.

The treasure hunt of a lifetime,
The wealth of a dime,
The passing of time,
The build of rhyme.

A bunch of things, and so much more,
An experience like never before.

The folklore and tradition,
The gargantuan ambition,
To see the world for what it is – A slump of clay on the potters wheel.
Travel is the poetry we seldom read, but always feel.


Until next time,
Travel More, Stay Poetic.

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