Travel is the road I take, to find my way back home.

Hey guys! So if you don’t already know what this week is all about, you should go ahead and read Sonali’s post( Keeping in tune with the theme I’ll be telling you what travelling is for me…

 Why do I love to travel and what about it makes me happy?

– The chance to see a new place?

– Experience a new people?

– An escape from the mundane?

– The opportunity that it presents at times to witness something unique?

– Or is it the change of sight?  The new smells, colours, tastes?

– Something new my money can buy?

Frankly speaking, it’s a bit of everything.  Although I wonder if it’s just the fact that I get to dive into something new, that makes me travel? The fact that I get to leave my real life behind for a bit?  And when I really come to ponder on it, I realize there is much more to travel than just that – Than it just momentarily painting a pretty picture for me.

Traveling helps me stab all the negativity within me.  I often find myself brought down by the weight of the world. Depressed with where I stand in life and my relationships with people. I sometimes lose faith not just in everyone around me, but mostly myself. I get fed up with the pace of life. 

Traveling gives me the space I require. Gives me time to breathe and just be. Not worry about anyone or anything in particular. I can exist in a particular moment and at the same time fail to exist. Yes, it is an escape, but not a permanent one. It serves, as that much needed getaway when I am sick of the world around me. That much needed break from the life back home.

It is an escape, from what I am back home and the prospect of getting to know myself better and unleashing a better side to me.  I find myself a changed man of sorts when I am back from my travels.  I feel anew.  I feel like I can do anything. Traveling helps me find myself again.  It helps me breathe life and joy into whatever I do.  It helps me come back to all the things I love.  It helps me forgive and forget. 

It makes me want to form a stronger bond with people and things once again. Helps me create.  Restores my faith in the world and more importantly in me.

Travel is the road I take, to find my way back home. 


See you soon guys. Until then, Travel!

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