Travel quote #1

Hey guys! This week’s going to be all about our favourite travel quotes.  Sonali and Mehak have already been telling you about some of their favourites (which you should check in case you haven’t) and I’m here to do the same.  Starting off with….

“I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.” – George Bernard Shaw

I really love this quote and strongly relate to it.  It may sound as though George Bernard could be someone who hated his house or his family, but that isn’t really what he was trying to say.

We travel to experience a change from what we are so used to back home.  We want ourselves to be treated to something new and something that doesn’t normally play out to be a part of our daily lives.  So what is the point in traveling, if we cannot let go of home?  If we are not willing to temporarily disconnect from our ‘oh so interesting lives’ back home. 

And lets venture into what exactly could make you feel as though you are still dwelling on the streets back home.  It has rarely got to do with the place itself.  It’s mostly what we do ourselves (maybe unknowingly) or at times it could be done totally out of purpose, so as to always have that little something to remind us of home.  Like carrying some special junk food or that ‘oh so soft pillow’ you cannot sleep without. (I can understand if you are aged and have problems but not if you are just a lazy chap who likes to be pampered.)

Or it could simply have to do with your habits.  Like constantly trying to keep everyone updated back home through your social networking mania.  It’s like a particular moment won’t get registered in your book of experience unless you tell everyone about it.  And this way you are perfectly making sure that you do not truly experience anything. Even worse, you may even get caught up in checking what other people are up to back home.

I personally strive to make sure nothing, that could remind me of home, crosses paths with me while traveling.  I don’t want to be bothered by the things I wanted to escape in the first place.  In fact I would suggest people to even try and not stay with their relatives who’ve settled abroad. It may seem like a good idea in a bid to save some cash but trust me you are better off finding your own accommodation.  Its rare that people completely change their lifestyle having shifted abroad.  So your stay with them is just going to make you feel like you are visiting someone back home.  And I am talking from personal experience.  Plus they are bound to pile on to your travel plans and you’d rather not have that.

So next time you travel make sure to immerse yourself in the place you are visiting and try to keep away from anything that could make you feel like home.  It’s not the worst thing but you’d rather experience something different and new.

See you next time. Until then, travel smart, travel safe.





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