5 kinds of annyoing travelers

Hey y’all! what’s up?

Ever tried to categorize different kind of people, travelers more specifically, in a non judgmental, fun kinda way?
I have. Here’s what I found, apart from the The over-enthusiastic tourist-y first timers, there are these –

big spender1

Chances are, they won’t even notice. (okay. no. they will. and they will pay the heftiest price to get their stuff back, and your ass behind bars.) They’re also the complete opposites of the #Minimalist Spender who will not spend on one extra drink, ice cream or french fry, if it’s ever so slightly out of budget.

know it all

So if you see or hear a tour guide in a museum getting reprimanded for not knowing the dates on an artifact despite being in the business for over 3 decades, you know that a Know-It-All is in the house.



She is the living breathing specimen of TMI raised to infinity. (TMI = too much information, for the abbreviation impaired.)


They always look like they’re going to start crying. (okay. No. not all of them, but some of the women do.)


doesn't give a shit

He’s also the reason why the scanners and metal detectors beep like their lives depend on it. You’ll find a steel butter knife in his luggage, because plastic knives are “too bendy” and guess what? He doesn’t give a shit.

Well on that note,
I gotta go,
Until next time,

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