5 little known facts about the World Cup!

Hello People! What’s up?
Has the FIFA fever caught on yet?

Well, I’m not that great a fan, but I keep up occasionally. (and yes, I’m going to write this post.) There are very few things in the world that research can’t help with 😛 So here we go –

#1 The World Cup trophy weighs 13.6 pounds, almost twice as much as the Lombardi Trophy, but 4 pounds less than the UEFA Champions League trophy. (The winning team, gets the trophy that’s majorly made of solid gold. The second and third teams get medals. Fourth team gets a diploma!)

#2 Adidas has designed every World Cup ball since 1970! That first Adidas model, called the Telstar, which introduced the black-and-white panel design, just to make it easier to see the ball on television – Which, by the way didn’t happen until 1954 – The Swiss Tournament!

#3 The oldest player who won the World Cup is the Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff. He lifted the trophy in 1982 at the age of 40.

#4 Everyone was so (over) confident that Brazil was bringing in the trophy during 1950 World Cup, going into the final game, that the FIFA president prepared a congratulatory speech … in Portuguese.

Brazil lost 2-1 to Uruguay. (haha!)

#5 The World Cup, for the first nine editions of the tournament, (1930 – 1970), the winner was awarded the Jules Rimet trophy. Which, despite surviving World War II safely tucked under the bed of a FIFA official, disappeared for a long time after it was given to Brazil (as a permanent arrangement) for its hat-trick performance  in 1970. The replacement – the modern design, came in to use from the 1974 tournament.

And with that, I’m gonna go!

Yes. I just finished the post without so much as a slightest whisper to the famed meltdown between Chelsea and Manchester Utd. fans, it feels so unreal! 😛

okaybye! 😀

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