5 Places in India to visit before you hit 30!

Hello fellow travelers! What’s up?

This is top 5 week for us here, and I’m giving you a list of my top 5 places to visit in India before you hit 30. (some places I’ve been to, some I’m yet to go to.. I have about 7 years before that happens, I’m not so sure about all of you. 😛 )

#1 Konark Temple in Orissa 
You don’t have to necessarily answer to a religious or spiritual calling, the temple is beautiful, the architecture is intricate, and the whole vibe is a whole lot more chilled out than you’d expect. The beaches are better than the Goan coastline, you’ll experience varying levels of peace, piece by piece.

# 2 Kolkata during the Durga Pooja Festival

The place is alive with a heady enthusiasm, like a huge overpowering magnetic vortex, which you can’t help but get pulled into. A live wire charged and dancing, with yummy food, beautiful ladies, celebratory decorations. You’ll feel the heart and the beat of Kolkata. 🙂

# 3 Auli

A few kilometers before Badrinath, Auli is a lovely snow blanketed place all year round, and an amazing place to be in. Aside from a welcome winter while the rest of the country swelters in the summer heat, this place is peaceful yet mysteriously very alive in ways that will not get your attention right away. It’s beauty will slowly creep up on you, and captivate you when you’re not paying attention.

# 4 Darjeeling 

Two words : Toy Train. enough said.
No, but it’s a small little place with its own little happy heaven, such a welcome change from the hustle of the city that Mumbai is.


# 5 Aamchi Mumbai ( I prefer Bombay to Mumbai, any day.)

For all those who live outside of the city, this one is a must visit. Not only is it the city of dreams, but also the city of duality. A city that never sleeps, a city that will give you abundantly, and then even take it all away from you. Having lived here all my life, and traveled however little I have, I can vouch for this – you can take a Bombay-ite out of Bombay, but you can’t take the Bombay out of a Bombay-ite. 🙂

So these were my top 5, yours maybe a totally different list – share it in the comments! Let’s see if we have any common intersection points 😀

Go out there, change your life.
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