5 Travel Must Haves

After a lazy and crazy weekend I am back with the all new theme. This week I will be sharing with you top 5 things in my food and travel lists. To start with today I will be sharing with you 5 travel essentials that occupy the top slot in my travel list.

#1 Maps and guidebooks


The most important travel essential that should be in your must have list is to carry maps and guidebooks, after all you would not want to get lost in an unknown land. Bring guidebooks and domestic maps with you always. A quick research on map prices is always helpful if you are traveling overseas. In many cases, it’s less expensive to buy local maps at your destination rather than in your local bookstore. Carry your guidebooks with you but if they are a pain for you then carry the required pages and leave the leftover at home.

#2 DSLR Camera


If you are a travel person then how can you leave your home without your DSLR and if you are someone who is in hope that your smartphones will help you click awesome photographs then never mind, a camera is the thing which beautify the whole trip. DSLR is a must have if you will to collect some beautiful memories.

#3 Rain gear


If it happens to be a drastic change in weather and the rain hauls on you, you would not want to spoil your pretty-pretty dress that you specially bought for your trip, then what should you do? A bit of preparation will help you in this situation. Don’t forget to pack your rain gear while travelling as you would not be looking like a pretty heroine walking down the lane in rain. It will be a total mess (P.S I have experienced this personally).

#4 Comfortable clothes and shoes


Everyone carries clothes (you can’t roam without them) it’s an obvious thing. You might be wandering that why is it on my list then? Well carrying comfortable clothes with you is very important as you cannot walk in deserts with high heels, you need comfy shoes for them. When you are on a vacation keep those clothes and shoes with you which make you feel comfortable and are not a task to carry. Comfy clothes are not only easy to carry but they also give you freedom to enjoy.

#5 Plug adapters


These small adapters are another essential thing that you should carry with you while traveling. It is quite possible that you won’t find plugs of your need in the hotels you stay and because of this mismatch you would not want to get stuck in an unknown place without battery in you cell phone. So carry your adapters with you!

These were the 5 things I keep with me while traveling, my must haves.

Time to push off till we meet next time somewhere in some corner of the world :p

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