5 ways to make holidays bearable

Vacations is what we call summers in our language but sometimes these vacations can piss us off. Today I will be sharing with you some tips (they are to do things actually) which will make your summer enjoyable and will help you pass the time easily as this not so cool sun will not let you go out in these vacations.

1. House Party:- if you can’t go out and have fun then bring that fun home. Call some of your friends you love and plan a house party. Pizza, movies, booze will definitely make your vacations interesting.


2. Clean your room alteast for once:- none of us like to clean our room we depend on our moms for that but if you push yourself a bit and clean your room then it can be fun. Not only you can set your stuff the way you like but you can also open many windows of buried memories.


3. Give a new look:- try some cool DIY studs and give a new look to your old shoes


or you can take some old button and can make a brand new neck-piece for yourself.


4. Read a book:- this might not sound interesting but trust me if you do not have anything to do during your vacations, reading a book will be your savior here.


5. Family time:- vacations are the perfect time to pay some attention to your parents. Spend some good mommy-daddy time and make them buy you some good stuff *wink*


Try these things this time during your vacations and they will me a lot more fun.

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