5 ways to spend a rainy day

Hello Fellow Travelers!
Are you as in love with the monsoon as I am?

This season brings with a different kind of mush.. and I love it all the same! For those of you who are all outdoorsy, this season might implore you to stay in or out, depending on how you take to muddy feet and damp clothes.
Umbrellas are a joke in the Mumbai Monsoon, simply because, come what may, you’re going to get drenched. So get a raincoat if you must. Although if you ask me, tie the raincoat around your bag which has all your cool gadgets and a spare set of clothes tucked away, and go out there and get drenched!

We’ve seen a few showers recently where I live, and boy have I loved every single one of them. From taking pictures on my phone, to chilling in my balcony while getting superbly drenched, to sitting by the window with a book.. there’s a lot that can be done while the rain pitter patters down your window pane. Here’s my top 5 –

#1 Go out there. Get out of the house!

Plan an impromptu weekend to a nearby hill station, and soak in the breath taking view. Go to a national park, heck, go to any park, just without your umbrella, and a care in the world! Get a few friends together, take long walks, long drives, or go by yourself. Rent a cycle and enjoy the view as you peddle by!

#2 So, okay you’re not very enthusiastic about being outdoorsy. Well, Call in sick, and spend the day indoors.
Finish that book, have a Netflix marathon, watch movies, put the clothes out to dry, then take in because it’s raining, then put them out again when the rain stops and repeat. Or just not do anything and sleep.

#3 Yes, you will get bored and hungry at some point in time.. so head to the kitchen and fry those yummy pakora’s to go with your perfect cup of tea! or just make some Maggi if patience is not your strongest virtue. 😛 You could also perhaps, call for food, spicy food. Which will send the colour right back to your face, which hunger had so slyly robbed you of.

#4 You’re not hungry anymore but still bored, well get a bunch of friends, neighbors, and family members together, and play some silly indoor games. I’m thinking charades and pictionary are big hits. If you have children around, even better, get their games out and play! Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, UNO!, Monopoly, Chess… or whatever floats your boat.

#5 speaking of which, make paper boats and have races with them, or team up for a good game of muddy Monsoon Football.
Ah, football. I may not follow it religiously, or at all. But I’m always up for Muddy Monsoon Football. 🙂 Not that I can play well or anything. But I don’t trip over the ball, so I guess that’s fine. 😛

On that monsoon-y note,
I’m gonna go back to my book after I make some tea,

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