8 things to keep in mind before/while traveling with friends

Hello Fellow Travelers! what’s up?

Remember how I told you about the bus ride with a friend who totally ruined it with a sob story about her life? (http://blog.roomnhouse.com/2014/03/senti-mental-and-proud/) if you’ve read the post, you’ll realize that in a way she literally rained on my parade, not that I’m a heartless moron who doesn’t give two hoots about how the people around me feel. But then again, people also need to learn to control their tear ducts. So, I bring to you 8 things that will inevitably happen when you travel with friends, and well how to deal with it.

#1 A difference in opinion
So you want sushi they want pasta. Seems kinda obvious, but a difference of opinion can ruin a great trip, not because of the opinion as such, but the passive aggression that follows. So, expect it, and deal with it calmly, if you think they’re being unreasonable, tell them. But calmly.

#2 Me time v/s Us time
There are times when you just want to take off by yourself, so go on, do that – after telling your group that you’re going Han Solo. If anyone insists on tagging along, consider the company, but you are under no circumstance expected to accept it. Whatever you choose, choose it tactfully. On the flip side if you’re really looking forward to a group outing and friend decides to opt out of the day plan, let them, and assure them that they’re free to join you when they’re up for it.

#3 Money Problems
This one’s a deal breaker, you can’t be broke ass as hell and expect to live in a 5 star hotel all expenses paid. Contribute, as much as you can, or don’t be a part of the plan. Friends, if you’re comfortable always paying for the broke one, it’s your choice.

#4 Enthusiasm Levels
If there’s one friend who’s always too happy, or too sad no matter what the occasion, chances are, you’ll either catch on the vibe, or you’ll be resentful about it. It’s true, any one who rains on your parade all the time is obvious, but anyone who’s too happy while you’re a little low, will not make you feel better.

#5 Body Clocks
If a night owl travels with an early bird, there will be murder. So figure out what your time of the day is and choose your travel companions accordingly.

#6 Democratic Itinerary Selection
It’s so much better and more interesting when everyone gets a say in where to go, rather than one person calling the shots.

#7 Got A Big Ego
Everyone’s not Beyonce, to love your big ego. And neither are you. So then? Try to approach a rational middle ground for everyone, and try to take a joke as you would make one! 🙂

#8 One Mood Fits All
Always plan a trip with people who are a little like you, so that way you can comfortably chill in your own skin, but you’ll also know how to bring them out of anything, as you would yourself, and they’d be able to do the same for you. If there’s anything worse than traveling with a group which is totally unlike you, is being stuck with a group mate who’s insufferable.

That’s all for now!
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