Armchair Travel – Closing thoughts

Hello Fellow Travelers! which book did you read?

I went for a long walk to find at least one of the 5 books that I suggested yesterday, (don’t know which ones? scroll down to them after reading this post!) And unfortunately all the bookstores I went to, didn’t have any of them.. I did find a street-side vendor’s copy for Into The Wild though, but it had a page or two, (or fifteen) missing from it. So I had to resort to a measly pdf. -sigh-

The Reader and Traveler in me were both dissatisfied by it all. Not to say that the book was badly written, it just didn’t cut it for me. As promised yesterday, I kept an open mind and an open heart to the whole concept of armchair travel, and tried to see the things Alexander Supertramp saw.. words painted quite a picture in my mind, but I also felt very disconnected from everything. Initially I thought, it would be perhaps because I was tired, or because my eyes were strained, or that I may not agree with Alexander Supertramp in some cases, but I’ve enjoyed books regardless of all this. This is like the gift of being a reader, watery eyes, reading glasses, intense emotionality, a fierce imagination, an increase in vocabulary and you know when the disconnect is author intended, or personal.

after reading a quote like that, I find it quite unsettling to still be sitting in an armchair, stationery, unmoving, as though the quote hasn’t tugged at a heart string so hard that it almost broke. To remain unmoved by the will to travel, to resist it with all my strength, to wage a war I have no intentions of wining.
it’s just too much to ask for, to read about travel, and yet not experience it yourself.

I tried I really did, to enjoy the changing landscape from Cement Forests, to actual forests, the structure of mankind’s perfect precision, to the free flowing beauty of nature. But it just didn’t happen. The disconnect was not towards the premise of the book, or the character per se, but the setting. I just couldn’t bring myself to be a part of the book, may be I tried too hard, or not hard enough. Maybe I had too many expectations, or maybe it’s just not my kind of a thing. But I tried. Even though the experience wasn’t the best, it doesn’t mean it’ll always be like this. Perhaps someday in the very distant future when the time will come, I will embark upon a journey in a book. And enjoy it, with the same passion and depth as I enjoy traveling in the flesh.

I’m more of an indulge all your senses kind of a person, so this attempt at Armchair Travel, left me with nothing other than a new found headache. I may have gone about it the wrong way, I’m ready to admit (because no reading activity can or should cause a headache. really.) But it’s not something I’ll be too willing to try in the near future at least.

I still read about places, people, things, religions, cultures more as a massive research project, than as a way to experience by reading. I really like to know different things, to satisfy this innate curiosity, and find a way to reach out to people, but Armchair Travel isn’t cutting it for me just as yet.

Maybe it’s something you need to be ready for, and I’m not.
Until then,

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